Drobo B810i (Array Only)

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Product Description


Built on proven BeyondRAIDTM technology, coupled with hybrid storage and innovative Data Aware Tiering, the Drobo B810i delivers a level of automation and technical sophistication usually reserved for more expensive enterprise solutions. And, this product is as easy to use as a personal Drobo.

The Drobo B810n is perfect for small and medium sized businesses, and creative power users. It provides reliable, high-performance,and self-optimizing storage for server applications, email, and data protection. It integrates seamlessly into a TCP/IP network infrastructure and utilizes the industry-standard SMB and AFP protocols to provide powerful, yet simple, consolidated storage for your IT environment. It comes with port bonding support also known as Adaptive Link Bonding for link failover and link aggregation without Ethernet switch support to increase data throughput and compensate for network connection problems.

BeyondRAID Technology

A Drobo B810i NAS storage array can hold up to 48TB of physical raw storage based on today’s 6TB HDDs. When available, higher capacity drives will lift that limit to 64TBs.

To expand the storage capacity of an array, BeyondRAID enables additional disk drives to be inserted into empty drive bays. These new drives are automatically and transparently configured for use in the array without user intervention. However, if all drive bays are occupied, simply replace the smallest capacity drive with a higher capacity one and BeyondRAID will do the rest.

Unlike traditional RAID arrays, the BeyondRAID technology in Drobo enables different drive capacities to work in the same unit. This enables future expansion as larger SATA drives become available. With Drobo, access to data is always maintained while it protects against simultaneous drive failures.

Hybrid Storage & Tiering

The Drobo B810n moves beyond manually tuning an array for applications that have different storage requirements. Its ability to automatically tier frequently used transactional data from stored data that’s seldom used enables businesses to consolidate storage resources, and share that storage across all connected clients and their applications.

When using the hybrid storage option, Drobo’s Data Aware Tiering leverages high-capacity hard disk drives (HDDs) for bulk storage, and highperformance solid state drives (SSDs) for both read and write acceleration. The result is fast redundant storage with a fast read cache for an application-optimized solution that requires no manual tuning.

Storage Pool

Drobo B810n storage pool has increased as disk drive suppliers have grown the capacity of their Enterprise quality SATA drives. This Drobo supports a storage pool of 64TBs.

Optimized for Business

Similar to business applications, Drobo is ideal for building a highly scalable networked storage system or fast backup target. Drobo technology is often used with many well-known backup products including Acronis, Apple Time Machine, and Symantec Backup Exec 15.

Designed for Hosting and Delivering Large Video Files

This 2nd generation 8-Bay Drobo is perfect for security surveillance applications as well as hosting large amounts of video contained in a library. In fact, users that want to manipulate and render large video files will have no problem. The reason is that this Drobo is based on a quad-core Marvell processor with 2GB of RAM and it uses a highly tuned Linux operating system giving it a five times performance boost over its already fast predecessor, the Drobo B800i.

Drobo Dashboard

Drobo Dashboard is an easy-to-use administration tool to centrally manage all your Drobos. It displays the status of all of your Drobos as if they were right in front of you. In fact, it provides the same status lights and storage capacity usage gauge that are on the front panel of each of your Drobos. So wherever you are, you can check the health of all your disk drives and know that Drobo has your back, keeping all your data safe. Plus the dashboard handles all administration tasks simply and easily without you needing to become a storage expert. Quite simply, this is the easiest way to configure and manage business-class storage.


Drobo products are engineered to the highest standards, but occasionally something goes wrong and that’s when we kick into high gear. DroboCare is simple, powerful protection for your Drobo storage. The DroboCare support program extends your peace of mind beyond the standard warranty term and the phone support included with your Drobo purchase. DroboCare gives you more, even during your standard warranty period.

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