Transporter Genesis 150 with 24TB and 1 year Support and Maintenance (Silver)


Transporter allows you to deliver your own cloud service for file syncing and sharing that is identical to those from popular services like Dropbox and Box, on easy to deploy hardware appliances that you own and control. By offering your users the cloud f

Product Description



The CIO Dilemma

Hundreds of millions of users have adopted public cloud storage services because of the convenience they deliver for sharing and accessing files on any device from anywhere in the world. Traditional NAS solutions offer the control that corporate IT requires, but were not designed to handle today’s modern, mobile workforce. This has led to large numbers of employees using public cloud storage without the approval of IT including recent research that shows up to 43% of employees are using Dropbox without IT’s permission. 1

The Solution: Transporter Genesis

Transporter Genesis solves the CIO dilemma by delivering the cloud experience that employees want on private hardware appliances that companies own and control. By offering the same file sync and share convenience of popular cloud services like Dropbox, it eliminates the risk of employees using unauthorized public cloud solutions that could expose sensitive information to privacy concerns. The hardware deployment model gives corporate IT full control over the physical location of the data all without having to pay recurring monthly fees.

Key Benefits:

  • Delivers the Cloud Experience Employees Want
  • Provides Total Control Over Location of Data
  • Eliminates Privacy Concerns with Public Cloud Storage
  • No Recurring Monthly Fees or Hidden Costs
  • Systems Added in Grid-like Fashion to Sync Offsite and Scale
  • Minimizes WAN Traffic to Improve Network Performance

Eliminates Cloud Privacy Concerns

Most public cloud storage services not only store your data on servers in unknown locations, they also have the ability to decrypt your data at any time. Transporter Genesis only stores your data on devices you authorize and never stores your data in the cloud. All data is encrypted in transit using military grade AES-256 encryption and private encryption keys are generated and stored directly on authorized devices. This level of privacy allows Transporter to satisfy the needs of highly regulated industries such as legal, health care and financial services.

A Sustainable Cloud Model with No Monthly Fees

Even with unlimited storage, monthly per-user fees charged by business-class cloud file services can quickly add up to thousands of dollars every month. Additionally, most require expensive Enterprise licenses and charge additional fees if you want to deploy their services on your own hardware. Transporter Genesis is an integrated, appliancebased solution that you buy and own with no recurring monthly fees. Our unique architecture that leverages your existing infrastructure allows us to avoid the costly datacenters of public cloud offerings and we’re able to pass those savings on to you.